Fall 2005 Vacation
(mostly EuroDisney in suburban Paris
followed by a few odds and ends)

EuroDisney - main entrance
Disneyland Paris (EuroDisney) Main Entrance

EuroDisney - Town Square
Main Street U.S.A. (!) Town Square -- the entire park was decorated with
pumpkins and witches and spiderwebs (some real!) and lotsa orange paint

EuroDisney - Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Central Plaza completely covered with a pumpkin

EuroDisney - Phantom Manor
Frontierland -- The Phantom Manor (equivalent of "our" Haunted Mansion)

EuroDisney - Big Thunder Mountain
Frontierland -- Big Thunder Mountain, with pumpkin-head "workers" (dummies)
loading supplies using suspended buckets

EuroDisney - Adventureland entrance
Adventureland -- ours is "jungle" themed, theirs is "Arabian Nights/Aladdin"

EuroDisney - Pirate Ship and Skull Rock
Adventureland -- the Pirate Boat landing

EuroDisney - Discoveryland
Discoveryland -- equivalent to our Tomorrowland

EuroDisney - Space Mountain
Discoveryland -- Space Mountain -- looks different than ours, eh?

EuroDisney - Fantasyland
Fantasyland -- Sleeping Beauty's Castle -- centrepiece for the Park

Non-EuroDisney pictures -- i.e., the rest of the trip

Paris - Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower (recognize it!?) -- 9 October 2005

Paris - Sacre Coeur, Montmartre
Montmartre (toward Sacré Cœur basilica) -- 9 October 2005

London - Sainsbury's toilet rolls sign
London, Sainsbury's SuperMarket -- don't ask me the meaning!

Manchester - Kingtucky Fried Chicken
Manchester -- this is for real, but it was closed so no samples available

Manchester Victoria Station - youth's t-shirt
Manchester Victoria Railway Station, today's youth talking behind
an advertising sign -- this kid is probably not an Optimist!

Manchester - Britannia Hotel
Manchester's Britannia Hotel (built circa 1895) -- yes, I stayed here!